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DCSI 9th Best Practices Meet 2017

22nd – 23rd June 2017 | Venue: ITC Gardenia, Bangalore, India

Companies the world over are ‘seemingly’ becoming cognizant of the need to become compliant to data security regulations. It’s either that or a hefty penalty that also dints the brand. However, surprisingly, certain key areas of data security still seem to be a blind spot for many CIOs, CTOs or CISOs – a time bomb ticking away…

Here’s an opportunity to unearth these blind spots and defuse the threat before its too late!

SECUDE will be participating in Data Security Council of India’s (DSCI) 9th Best Practices Meet 2017 to explain what exactly these blind spots are and what this threat entails to enterprises. The event will be held from 22nd – 23rd  June in ITC Gardenia, Bangalore, India. Naturally, the theme for this year’s event is Cognitive Security.

At the event you’ll meet SECUDE’s SAP Data Security experts in Booth 5. Click here to register to meet the experts. To register for the event, please visit DSCI’s event page.


DSCI is a not-for-profit company set by NASSCOM.